Lentori Showflat How to Buy New Launch
Lentori Showflat : How to Buy New Launch

Lentoria showflat is part of the magnificent Lentoria development, strategically positioned at the convergence of Lentor Hills Road and Lentor Hills Roads in Lentor Hills Road. This prime location offers direct access to Lentor MRT Station (T5) within a mere 8-minute walking distance, making it an ideal choice for people who wants to have quick access to the city and their workplace.

Here’s a map of the location of the Lentoria Showflat.. noticed it is right next to the site of the actual apartment. That means you can view and get a very good sense of how the location and your future home at Lentoria will be !

Lentoria Showflat Location Map
Lentoria Showflat Location Map

Notably, Lentoria showflat construction is currently in progress, with an anticipated completion date in 2023/2024. Prospective buyers keen on an early preview of this exquisite property are encouraged to register promptly with us to stay informed about the construction progress and the forthcoming showflat opening.

🔜 *Target Timeline* Announced :

  • Preview : 17th Feb 2024 onwards
  • Launch Booking Date : 1st March 2024

Anticipated to draw significant attention, the Lentoria showflat is poised to entice a considerable number of interested buyers, given Lentoria’s sought-after location and captivating amenities. To ensure a seamless and personalized viewing experience at the Lentoria show flat, it is highly recommended that interested parties schedule appointments in advance through us. This approach guarantees a hassle-free visit, allowing potential buyers to envisage their potential new home effortlessly.

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What to Prepare for Lentoria Showflat

Read this article : How to Buy a New Launch Condo in Singapore to understand the steps involved.

Take the following steps to ensure an informed decision when considering the purchase of a unit at Lentoria.

  1. To understand the portion of your CPF that can be utilized for this purpose, access the Central Provident Fund website (CPF) at https://www.cpf.gov.sg or visit a CPF branch for a personalized consultation regarding fund allocation.
  2. Seek advice from a reputable banking professional to determine your loan eligibility and receive expert guidance on the amount of loan you may secure based on your financial profile and their policies.
  3. Acquaint yourself with the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), which imposes a cap on the percentage of income allocated towards repaying all debts, aiding effective planning for their repayment. Here’s a TDSR calculator for your use.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Normal Progressive Payment Scheme to gain a clearer understanding of your financial responsibilities during the construction phase of a property. This scheme involves staggered installment payments based on the developmental project’s stages of completion.
  5. Understand how the whole purchase process works by talking to us.

But then if any of these aspects leave you feeling perplexed, do not hesitate to just come to us. Simply contact Us, and we will work with you, guide you and help you to make an informed decision about purchasing at Lentoria at Lentor

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